This stunning concert is the only authentic reimagining of the legendary Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman songbook performed brilliantly by world-class alumni of Meat Loaf's official band- the same musicians who brought his musical visions to life both in the studio and on stages

around the world. Caleb Johnson returns with the band, having established his legitimacy as the premier lead vocalist for this timeless music through his powerful interpretations and furiously electrifying

stage presence. Led by Meat Loaf's longtime record producer/ music director/ guitarist Paul Crook alongside fellow alumni John Miceli (drums), Randy Flowers (guitar), Lyssa Lynne (female lead/ backing vocals), Danny Miranda (bass) and including Andy Ascolese (piano), Mark Kelt (piano) and Kiley Baxter (featured vocals), the band and Caleb perform a thoughtfully curated set list of Meat

Loaf's best loved classics such as "Bat Out of Hell", "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" and

"I Would Do Anything For Love". 


Created & produced by Paul Crook, this is the only band that was officially endorsed by

Meat Loaf. 


"Do not miss this! This is the closest you could possibly get... This is NOT a tribute band but Meat's incredible, actual band. Singer, Caleb, has all the power and glory of Meat in his glory

days and this band ROCKS!! - Brian May of Queen